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Well as far as I am aware, many of the criticisms he makes in his article/review are issues that have been raised many, many times before during the Vista development cycle. In other words, A) I think he's correct in much of what he says and B) A lot of his fears around Vista have been around for a pretty long time now.

I haven't tested a Vista BETA yet and due to my pretty slim interest in the Windows world now, I doubt I'll get to play with until it is actually realised, at which point I will most likely upgrade my few Windows boxes in due course.
With this in mind I don't want to be seem to make a conclusive judgement here....But in my humble opinion, from what I've seen so far I believe Vista is very much 'XP Improved'. I mean I see valid improvements and enhancements. I see the fairly obvious development of certain areas of the OS, but in terms of 'groundbreaking' developments or a huge redevelopment of the OS, I see little that catches my eye.

Like many have said before, if this is the case it's not as if this will render Windows Vista a bad OS.....It will merely disappoint in the sense that it's not all it was originally suggested to be.
A valid improvement on the Windows Operating System.....But hardly a 'breakthrough' and to be honest, there is a pretty critical difference.