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I believe that it's pointless to really bash, or praise for that matter, something before it is out. Nothing is final until it starts shipping pretty much. This goes with everything and over the years I've just learned you can't say this will have such and such before it ships, nor can you say it wont.

Microsoft keeps slowly but surelly adding things to Vista, and with the amount of time they have left they could possibly pull off the things that they're lacking. The one major dissapointment I have with Vista is that they're not using EFI. I was really happy about that movement, and then they suddenly just announced that they were not going to do it. After a good half a year, that I knew, of them saying they would. Such a major part of the OS you can believe it when they say they wontbe using EFI, but with other such things you can't say anything about until it's out.

Personally, I want a Mac and I'm fed up with Windows. However, I'm a gamer. I'll be building a desktop that will have Vista on it just for that, but I'm seriously waiting for Apple to "perfect" Boot Camp so I can just get myself an Apple laptop (MBP) and run XP/Vista for games. However once again, the Beta product has flaws and I'll look at the flaws more than what is already working. I would have a MPB right now if not for that fact. The same is going for Vista here, it's not done and every one is sad because it isn't what they said it would be so people bash it.