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Like I mentioned in my reply just made, it's not because Vista is a bad product, it's just taken longer than it should have done for what is present.

And also you are right 10.2->10.3 and 10.3->10.4 are smaller updates although the changes under the hood to Tiger are massive from a developer standpoint and to those who dig into the terminal a lot.

Also, yes you must read the 4 previous parts as this explains the whole picture a lot better.

That said, I have also recently played with Vista for a few days and just found myself thinking "Ok, so I can do all this on Windows XP—and I have had all this capability now for some months with Mac OS X". Vista as you say works and runs fine, I just would have thought five years would have yielded better results.

From a personal standpoint though I stick by my judgement of Aero being much like early Aqua—pretty but impractical.