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OK, let's not get silly here. I don't hate Windows Vista, and I certainly don't hate Microsoft for disappointing me and countless other customers with a product that doesn't even come close to meeting its original promises. I'm sure the company learned something from this debacle, and hopefully it will be more open and honest about what it can and cannot do in the future. But you'd have to be special kind of stupid to look at Windows Vista and see it as the be-all, end-all of operating systems. It [sic] some ways, Windows Vista actually will exceed Mac OS X and Linux, but not to the depth we were promised. Instead, Windows Vista will do what so many other Windows releases have done, and simply offer consumers and business users a few major changes and many subtle or minor updates. That's not horrible. It's just not what was promised.
Sounds like he's mostly irked that they weren't able to follow through with many of their grandiose promises from when longhorn was first announced. But realize that this is only one part of a multi-part Vista review, and that this particular article is dedicated to the problems and failures. The other 4 articles he's done of the series discuss all of the improvements, new features, and the state of the current builds. It's a bit unfair to read this outside of the context of the other 4 articles.

That said, I've played with some of the newer Vista builds and it runs fine, but it seems like XP some nice added features and a lot of eye candy, not the monumental upgrade that was promised and everyone was expecting. The biggest new feature that I liked was the ability to upgrade drivers on the fly, without a reboot. Some of the other stuff just seems different then XP, not necessarily better or worse. Anyways, Vista is still going to be a bigger upgrade than was OS X 10.3 to 10.4 (or from 10.2 for that matter). You might want to wait a few months for SP1 to come out-- good advice for most MS products (most any product these days actually, remember OS X 10.0?).