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HI, first post.

My current ram is a DDR SDRAM PC2700U-25330 according to my profiler, does this mean I can use a DDR PC2700 Ram?

The reason I ask is that my eMac has been spontaneously freezing for now apparent reason and 2 people have told me that my ram could be faulty and so far I've tried everything else to fix it but nothing has worked. For example I have tryed to reset the ram, I have done a clean install of OSX and then I wiped the HD and installed everything from scratch yet its still happening.

If this helps, when I try to play a game or even when in firefox or msn, the application will start breaking up, there will be like little flashes all over it before it crashes. Its hard to explain. Other times though I will just be like closing a window or moving my mouse through the dock and it will suddenly freeze.

Any help is much appriciated.

P.S. This is the Ram I was planning on getting for my eMac G4 1.25ghz. Will it working?
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