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The reason an application doesn't close when you "X it" is because you are closing the window. In my experience, you don't always quit an app when you are finished with the last window/document. You may feel like you must quit the app but you can leave it in the background with no windows open or you can hide it (command+H) and it won't take up many resources (unless it's something of a big app like photoshop etc). If you really want to quite an app them command+Q is nice and quick (also, command+W will close the current window that is active, thats just like "X'ing" it). Many of my day to day apps stay open all the time.

About the dock etc. As you can see in dimagex20 post above, one of the pics shows a typical finder window, in the left pane is a shortbut right to your apps folder. This folder holds all your apps (when you install you typically drag the .app you just downloaded into the apps folder, you *can* put it elsewhere if you want, but it makes sense to keep them all in the same place). If you want to launch an app then you can go here and find it.

If however you find there are some apps that you are forever launching, but are too power hungry to keep open all the time, then you may want to give it its own permanent place in the dock (normally programs leave the dock when you quit them if you have not actually added the app to the dock). Some people have lots of apps on thier dock, some hardly any, its personal preference. The dock can act as a task switcher also.

There are other ways of launching apps that IMO are better however. You can get helper programs that when invoked with a keyboard shortcut, popup a little window. You can them type the name of the app you want (or just part of the name), eg, type "ps" for photoshop, press enter and the program launches. This is much quicker
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