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This is my first post, so Hello!
Has anyone had much luck installing xp on their intel mac with a copy that doesn't include service pack 2 (i.e. installing service pack 2 seperately)?

I have tried this on my macbook pro (before installing the mac drivers) and the following is what happened:
1. Windows installed fine.
2. I ejected the xp cd and put in a cd with service pack 2 that i had burnt earlier.
3. It begun to install fine until the final little bit when it stopped and said there was not enough space on my drive to fit the remaining 2mb on (obviously not true, as I had over 7gb of space left over).

Anyone have any ideas on getting around this, or success stories? I am not a super techy, so maybe I tired something out of my depth.

I also tried installing the mac drivers, and it again haulted when it couldnt find the usb2 driver in windows.

Any help anyone provides would be greatly appreciated!
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