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Originally Posted by rman
To make it as simple as possible. In must cases a .exe file is a window binary executable file. The file is all of the requirements to run a windows pc (libraries and system calls, etc.). Whereas on an Apple system the libraries and the system calls are different. So to get the .exe program to work on an Apple system, the code needs to be recompiled and some of the system calls maybe need to be changed.
Exactly. When source code is compiled, the compiler takes that code and essentially builds a set of assembly code instructions that can be read by the processor. When you compile something for the x86 platform, you're turning it into a language that is only decipherable by an Intel/AMD CPU. That's why Rosetta runs programs slower on the new Intel Macs. It's actually taking the code written for the PowerPC CPUs, and translating it to be legible for the Intel CPUs.
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