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Originally Posted by jaywong87
Why cant Apple just design the Macs to support the Window/DOS formats? Such a .exe
Allthough this question might have some relevance, I have another one:

Why is it so difficult for many people to understand that OS X (or any other Mac OS version) simply is NOT WIndows, and therefore IS different?

They are two different types of operating systems, and therefore surely have some significant differences, and things you can do with one, you just can't with the other (without starting another threda about which one's better).

It's like two colors, let's take red and green. Both are colors, so the same type of product (Windows and Mac OS both are OSes), both can be used to paint (you can work with a computer with Windows and Mac OS), but you can't paint in green with the red color, and vice versa (Mac OS software doesn't run on Windows, and vice versa).
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