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Oh my giddy gawd.

That is beyond impressive and stunning. *salutes that man* I'm sure I have been to that station too on my travels around Chicago and the midwest.

Makes my efforts look a bit umm, weak. (I do a fair bit of digital painting too, but with Painter IX—this was my latest 'effort': - warning it is big 1MB 50% quality JPEG)

To do that in Photoshop is awesome, as I wouldn't personally call it the best tool for the job.

I really need time to do more painting myself but between me writing books and sorting out the company I work for five days a week...I'm a bit strapped for time. But—easter weekend next weekend.

Anyway, what an awesome painting. Inspiring.

EDIT: Thought I recognised the chap's name, he wrote the foreword to the Painter IX WOW! Book, and has a number of pieces in the book, he is an amazing artist. I could not dream of being as good as he is; but then my style is different I suppose.

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