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I am a recent convert to Mac. I've always known that that Macs had many advantages over Windows driven PCs, but PCs were what I knew, so I stuck with them.

Last fall my son needed a new computer for school. He was a philosphy major at New College in Sarasota FL who was working on his thesis. His old HP desktop machine was weezing pretty badly and was exhibiting a not too healthy sounding death rattle. He had wanted a notebook so he could get out of the dorn a bit while working, and based on the advice of some Mac friends he had bought a 12' Power Book G4 with all the trimmings. He was very proud of his Mac and loved to chide me about it's superiority over my PC. After playing his Power Book a time or two I new my PC days were numbered.

On January 18th of this year my son was riding his bike back to his dorm when he was hit and killed by car. It's a parent's nightmare that one hopes never happens, but it did. His Power Book was in his back pack with him at the time, and when I retrieved his personal possessions from the police department I saw that the case was pretty well beat up. I had little hope that the computer would be functional. I was broken hearted as I really wanted it as momento. Much to my surprise, when I plugged in the power adapter the machine powered right up and worked flawlessly. I confess I found the damage to the case to be rather emotionaly disturbing as it reminded me of the tragedy. So it was taken to the Apple Store in Tampa in the hopes that it might be replaced. The good people at Applle said that the shell could indeed be replaced, although it would cost a bit over $600. That might seem steep, but to me it was worth every penny. After three weeks the Power Book was back in my possession, and working flawlessly. I am in fact writing this from the Power Book, which is "connected" to the net via an Apple Airport Express base station.

It took me about three days to realize that I hooked. After removing what documents and photos I had on the PC it was dismantled and placed in the closet. The Power Book was to be my main machine from then out. After two more weeks I decided that the PC was taking too much space up in the closet and gave it away. Sadly I still have to use an XP driven PC piece of junk at work, which is almost agonizing now.

Today I ordered a 20' iMac with a gig of ram from the online Apple Store. Like a kid a few days before Christmas I cannot wait until it arrives. I am completely and totally hooked on Macs. No more crashes, no more blue screens of death, no more 3ghz machine that runs like a Geo Metro in a swamp.
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