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Originally Posted by mogwai
On a PC with the 1.2 Gb at work, i run photoshop with god knows how many apps , flash, DW, FTP, a dozen browser windows, If you do the same even with a very good mac like a 1.3Ghz pumped with ram (whihc we also have at work) you won't get the same performance.
This has left me stumped and the only thing I can think of is that something must be wrong with that Mac. For a few weeks I ran the Sonnet Encore ST 1.4GHz upgrade in this very Digital Audio Mac with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, web browser windows everywhere, email, FTP sessions, and probably half of MS Office knowing me and my knack of leaving things open and it didn't slow down at all; and it was very very slick.

Again, I will say this in an uncompromising and blunt manner, slow Macs suck when used in design enviroments just as much as a slow PC would. But again it is wrong to say all Macs regardless of spec are performance lack lustre.

And of course there isn't an immediate sense of 'salvation' through the Intel switch on this performance issue, changes like this take time for everyone to catch up. Witness the time it took for people to catch up and work with MS' NT archiecture. It took from NT 3.1 through to XP for it to really become a viable consumer alternative to the old 16bit/9x Windows environment.

When Intel native apps become available such as Adobe CS3 and whatever they do with Macromedia—then we have a much better idea of what the real performance is like.