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Just a bit more info -

Don't know which type Apple uses but in PC land there are two basic memory schemes for memory in multi cpu systems.

One is sometimes called pool memory because either cpu can use any available memory.

The other. more common in workstion and server setups, requires dedicated memory for each cpu.

The main benefit of matched sticks is they're less likely to cause crashes in systems using marginally designed and manfactured mother boards or chip sets. The timing and data transfer rate differences can cause problems the rest of the system can't cope with.

There might also be a small performance boost with matched sticks but, on a well desugned system, it probably wouldn't be noticeable.

Matched sticks also help in radically overclocked systems because at that point the other components, no matter how good, are on the ragged edge of crashing. In fact memory performance is uually the limiting factor in overclocking.

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