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I, too, have been poking at iPhoto. I got iLife '05 when I got my refurbished PB G4 a month ago. I'm not as afraid of iPhoto as I once was and this is why. It does work just like iTunes which I do like a lot.

Here's why I'm beginning to see the iPhoto light. I copied my photo folder structure I had on my Dell Laptop to the PB in the pictures folder. I found out I can drop a folder into iPhoto and it will create an album with the folder's name and place all the photos into that album thus perserving my folder names. Now, I don't believe you can have a sub-album but you can rename them once you get them into iPhoto.

I've only done this with a few folder so far. Comtemplating upgrading to iLife '06 which is supposed to allow you to keep your folder structure. I need to read up on that.

Of course, I first put Nikon's freebie View and Editor on which I used on the Dell. I own a Nikon D70 and it works just like the Windows version. I am waiting for Nikon's new Capture NX to come out in May before I completely decide on iPhoto.

BTW, have you tried the Ligthroom Beta yet? It's slow on my PB but it looks like a viable upgrade to iPhoto with much better editing.

Yea, still on the fence about which way to go on my PB with my photos.
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