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I'm with "evolve" on this one - I have an intricate series of folders and sub-folders created during my Window$ days that I moved onto my Mac when I made the big switch last year. However, I'm afraid that iPhoto is going to screw that all up if I start playing with it. I even tried with great frustration last summer to duplicate this folder system in iPhoto but all that ended up happening was iPhoto organizing it according to dates. I, like "evolve", like having files with descriptive names instead of the generic names assigned by my digital camera and photos organized by iPhoto by their dates.

That said, I really wish I wasn't afraid of iPhoto. It's like I've been poking it with a stick every few months but not getting the point of it, but this bugs me because I like all the other iLife applications very much. I wish I could 'see the light', so to speak!

Your comments, "mraya", were encouraging and helped me see the light a little bit, but I still like having folders in my Pictures folder for "family", "friends", "kids", etc. plus sub-folders within these for specific events and family names and so forth. How could I duplicate this system of organization in iPhoto, or is there really a need in your opinion? Is there another way around this dilemma in iPhoto do you think?

[By the way, for the record, I use Fuji's "FinePixViewer" to import photos onto my Mac from my camera, then to organize and view them, and Photoshop Elements to do any editing.]
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