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Alvin Meister
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We're a small company with three Macs networked (two G4s and an old IMac) and all using OS 9.2.2.

One of our monitors has packed in, so instead of paying 600 for a decent new one, we're getting a 20" IMac, so we're going to bin the old IMac and have the two G4s and new Intel IMac.
That also means we can all get on OS X at last, so we're basically starting from scratch.

So the first question is, are there any problems networking x86 Tiger, PPC Jaguar and whatever PPC version of OS X on the other G4?

I've also got some questions about the x86 OS X - does Rosetta just work in the background, so that you're unaware of it? Will it just run CS, Quark 6.5, Suitcase etc. straight off with no messing?

I'll probably think of more questions, but thanks for your help.
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