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Originally Posted by pugui
I bought the intel imac a month ago, after using PCs for 10+ years. Needless to say I've loved every minute of this switch All the problems I feared never happened. (well there's the inability to play wmv, but other than that...)

It's such a beautiful machine for starters, takes half the space of my old compaq and the OS is so much easier than windows, I've found. But the best thing is how fast and reliable it is even with the biggest applications open at the same time.

Since the moment I plugged this baby and started using it, I've resented Microsoft and PCs in general for making it so difficult for so long and to so many people. I just want to convert all my friends now! LOL
There's a free plugin here for playing wmv files in Quicktime (Flip4mac). Nice to see so many happy switchers .... Mac's are indeed a beautiful thing.
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