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Originally Posted by synthemesc
soooo, i made the switch a few days ago and it takes some getting used to.. i was wondering...

is there a good peer-to-peer bittorrent program out there for mac? I'm using FrostWire and well.... bleh.

is there a way to rename your computer? (please tell me there is...)

is safari better than firefox, or any other good browser?

is there someway to make the mouse ball button open the link to whatever you clicked on in a tab, as in firefox?

is there any way to make the side buttons on the mighty mouse to go forward and back in a browser?
First welcome. I'll help with what I can.

1. I use Azureus. Its full featured easy and reliable. I've heard people here use Transmission with good results. There is also Tomato Torrent, Bittorent and Bits on Wheels. I personally think BoWs is a POS but thats just my 2 cents.

2. System Preferences>Sharing

3. Safari is nice its nicely integrated with the rest of the OS and it performs predictably. I've been using it exclusively until about a month ago, I started to tinker with Firefox 1.5 (wasn't impressed before). I like the plugins especially Revealer. Renders slightly faster than Safari but isn't quite as polished as I'd like. There is always Opera and Camino.

4. Not sure.

5. Dont have one so I'm not sure. I use key commands mostly. cmd+[ for back and cmd+] for forward
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