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Of the two books I am writing, I have a preview for you all.

(One being The Little Mac Buyer's Guide as previewed here, and the second in the series being the Macs for Switchers Guide)

The Little Mac Buyer's Guide is intended as a small handy book giving advice on buying a Mac, be it your first or another one to add to your existing systems, and covers all Macs from the iMac G3 to present date. It will be updated regularly each year.

It will also discuss Mac OS X and profile each machine in depth, with buying advice brand new or second hand, and typical requirements for typical needs—all in no nonsense plain English.

The preview is of the first few pages plus part of the section on the iBook G4. There is much more to it and there will be changes for sure, plus a proper proof read too before printing.

It will be available as either a spiral bound or normal perfect binding depending on your preference with colour pages here and there.

You can view the preview here:

Comments appreciated, just be aware that the book has a long way to go!

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