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Hey all as you can see im new to these forums and would like to introduce myself. I recently made the switch from PC to MAC and have to say that it has been a great decision. I had been a PC user for many years and actually owned MACs way back in the day. I used to own a Mac IIc and a Performa. Then switched to PC after that. Now after getting so sick of Windows and everything that goes with it i decided to buy a MacBook Pro. All i can say is wow what an amazing machine. In all honestly it runs just as fast or if not faster than my PC which was a P4 3.4ghz with 2gb of ram. I seriously am never going to go back to PC ever. You probably get a bunch of these threads everyday but im too excited to refrain myself. Thank you Mac and thanks for reading my thread. Hopefully you guys are nicer than the BMW forums that i post on. :-p take care and Mac Power!!
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