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Originally Posted by tootallUK
Hmmm... have hundreds of mails from my old PC from Outlook Express, all saved as a .pst file... had given up any way of ever seening them again, short of buying another PC but i have just downloaded a .pst importer for Entourage from the Microsoft website...
Will not work for importing .pst files from Outlook to Entourage. Yes, I know it's dumb.

So Entourage ISN'T just Outlook for Mac?? I had figured it probably was...
Erm. Yes it is. The free Outlook [blink, sing, dance, jump up and down]Express [/blink, sing, dance, jump up and down] is a program very different from Outlook.

MS actually made a programme for Mac users??

Sounds so unlikely!
Back in 1997, MS invested $150m into Apple, for cross-licensing purposes and such. Or to keep Apple alive to prevent MS from becoming an undeniable monopoly. Which would have had nasty consequences for MS. So i guess that's money well spent in MS's book, and long since recouped, with sales of Office for Mac for instance.

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