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Originally Posted by fearlessfreap24
welcome to the forums. what is all the alphabet soup in your sig?
Hehehe! It's a response to all the pretentious twaddle that was so prevalent on Usenet (Anyone remember Usenet? Anyone?) in the '90s:

B.Comm (my actual degree! Bachelor of Commerce)
MCP (okay, this one's real too. I am indeed a Microsoft Certified Professional. But I admitted up front I was an MS Goon :ninja: )
MX5 (I own a Miata)
PADI (added this after getting my diving certification)
PDQ (pretty darn quick. I used to be able to run really fast! I should probably take this out now.)
FEB(tm) (Fellowship of Elitist B*stards (trademark) - and, no, you can't join. After all we're elitist and we're B*stards! )

And the "No Relation To Julia" is in there because I'm so very tired of every rental car agent and hotel clerk I meet asking me "So how's your sister?" when they see my name.

Eric "No Relation To Julia" Roberts
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