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It's all up to you whether you want to wait or not...What do you plan on using the comptuer for? If you are doing basic computer tasks then hold out awhile and wait for a MacBook(not pro), they will be faster then the powerbook G4s I believe and will have the same price tag as the iBook. Apple has said that by the end of 2006 all the Apple computers will be intel. I dont see apple waiting much longer to release their iBook repleacement since the iBook was such a big hit for apple.

Now onto the MacBook issues...Everytime a new product is released it has problems, and when their are problems they stand out more then all the good. It's the same situation as the xbox 360. I am sure apple rigorously tested the MacBook before they released it and if there was a problem then it would have been corrected before it was released.

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