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Hi, MrJuggles

. . . .CRON scripts for the UNIX side could have been said the other way around and I wouldn't have a clue.
Crons is short for chronologicals, programs that rotate housekeeping files and that run in the wee hours of the morning, if the computer is turned on. The daily cron runs or should be run once a day; the weekly, once a week; and the monthly, once a month. The daily and monthly crons take seconds. The weekly cron takes longer.

There are lots of applications that will run the crons when you want to run them, including MacJanitor and Cocktail. MacJanitor, among others, is free.

If the system ever needs repair, Disk Utility must be run from the DVD, and to do so, the machine must be booted from the same DVD. A program that gets around this pain in the reluctance is the free Applejack.

After installing, Applejack does not appear in the Applications folder or anywhere else. It doesn't show up until you start the machine in "single-user mode," which stops the boot progression just before the graphical user interface kicks in.

Single-user mode is invoked by holding down the command (Apple) key and the s key as the machine starts, and you hold them down until lines of text scroll up the screen.

By typing Applejack after the text stops scrolling, the Disk Utility repair functions are available without the hassle of starting from the DVD. It's terrific because it's so easy to use any small problems don't snowball into bigger ones because of the DVD hassle and reluctance to use it. I run Applejack once a week.

Applejack can take care of permissions, but I skip that option because permissions take too long to run with Applejack. I use Disk Utility to fix any permissions problems, but not the version on the DVD. The version of Disk Utility in the Utilities folder fixes permissions and takes only a few seconds. I run all the other Applejack options. Applejack can do it all automatically, but whether running permissions automatically or manually, Applejack's permissions fix is like watching paint dry, so I run Applejack manually and skip its permissions fix.

If you try Applejack, save its Read Me file to the computer, since after the program loads it can't be seen.
Now however I was wondering if it would make a difference if I went through all my files and removed the things I really wouldn't need, such as .pdf's in French, German, and Spanish.
Monolingual is a free program that removes any foreign languages you do not need. If, for instance, you use only English, you can delete the myriad of languages taking up disk space, including Japanese and Chinese. But if you use Monolingual, make sure you leave all the versions of English alone. All the versions, whatever they are, such as British English and Canadian English if Canadian English is on the list). And if, for example, you want French, leave all the various versions of French alone. Double- and triple-check the list of languages and their check marks.

The last time I loaded Tiger, I set it to load only English, but Monolingual still cleared 345 megabytes of space taken up with other languages. Tiger's "easy install" would have taken up much more space with foreign languages.

These programs and more are available at and

Edit: Applejack may not yet run in Intel Macs. Check out Onyx, which does.
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