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My wife thinks I'm reading something like TheOnion the amount I've been chuckling to myself this is great.....
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Whats a safe way to shut it down?
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Hold down the power button until it turns off.

But anyway, onto my naive first posts, I've put them both in one because I'm guessing they won’t be too taxing.
Can anyone give me some good maintenance tips for keeping the Mac clean, tidy and efficient? I know the salesperson said there was no need for defragging or disk cleanup (being a four day old Mac user I'm really aware of still being in the incredulity stage), which I used to do fortnightly at least to be sure, if not a little retentive. Now however I was wondering if it would make a difference if I went through all my files and removed the things I really wouldn't need, such as .pdf's in French, German, and Spanish. As well as removing any programmes I was sure I wouldn't be using.
Any other, good habits to get into would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, can anyone recommend any good, free, or cheapish ftp programmes for the Mac. Nothing big, because it's only domestic use, but any quirky feature will always win me over.

Cheers again
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