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This single instance has prolly made me a Mac user for life. Last night I worked on my website for 10 hours straight...literally. The entire 10 hours, I had MSN, PhotoShop CS, DreamWeaver, iTunes, Safari, and FireFox all running at once. I was switching back and fourth between apps prolly every 2 minutes, had a good 4-5 tabs open in Safari, and was editing several pages on my website. The entire 10 hours, nothing froze up, nothing lagged, nothing shut down, no glitches, NOTHING. It ran flawlessly for 10 hours doing some pretty major multitasking. I was switching back and fourth between PS, DW, Safari, and iTunes constantly, and never had any lag or instability whatsoever. I couldn't dream of doing this on any of the PCs I've owned. I'm running a 1.5GHz PB G4 w/768MB. I've owned a 2.5GHz AMD Athlon machine, and a Dell 6000D w/1.73GHZ Centrino and 1GB, and neither of those systems, even brand new with a fresh install of XP, could EVER handle this for 10 hours straight without lagging like crazy or having atleast one of the programs crash somewhere down the line. Then I come to find that OSX comes with Apache preinstalled so I can test my website on my local network! Unreal. I guess after being a Windows victim for 10+ years it's hard to get used to the idea of relentless stability and consistent performance.
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