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My PC with 1GB of RAM and a P4 2.8 CPU just died and after having used Windows (3.1 thru XP Pro) since the days of yore when a 386 with 4 megs of RAM was state of the art, I've finally had it. I never played much in the way of games anyway, so that wasn't an issue.
I just couldn't be bothered anymore with the constant maintenance, the annoyances that haven't been fixed in generations, the overheating, the hardware conflicts, the dozen security vulnerabilities every week, the software a few days after the Mintels got announced, I ordered one of the last few G4 minis, maxed it out in options and still got a deal on it. May not be a screaming fast machine, but it's quiet, cool, does almost everything I need it to do and in the 4 days that I had it, I got a better handle on the OS than a beginner might get in 4 years of Windows. Now I'm kicking myself for not having done The Switch years ago. Oh well. Wondering if I shouldn't go on eBay and replace the other two PCs with some PowerMacs, too, leaving just one spare PC for running those few programs that don't have an equivalent on this one.

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