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Originally Posted by Spicky

Nice to hear some people actually having a good experience with their MBP!!

Keep it up, let's have some more positive comments people, keep the flag flying high!!! :p
I'm not sure how inspirational this is, but I'd like to tell you a story

Back when I first picked up my set of Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 speakers, I was an avid reader of their forums. You wouldn't believe how many posts there were about problems and whatnot. Turned out, that all those "issues" really only made up less than 1% of all the units that were shipped out. Even knowing that, I was still skeptical due to the lack of positive reviews. A half dozen of my friends own the same speakers (we all bought 'em within a few weeks of each other... call it a contagious disease if you will). We all waited nervously for the day when our speakers would have the same problem that "everyone" else was having. It's been almost 5 years, and all our sets are still running strong.

I think I even posted this on another forum--for every person who is posting about their problem, chances are there's 20 people out there with not problem, and therefore no driving force to find a forum to post asking for help/suggestions.

Moral of my story: People are much more likely to post about problems, rather than post words of praise. I have my MBP ordered and I can't wait til it gets here in a couple weeks. If it has problems, then I'll deal with that then and consider myself one of the unlucky few, but I'm confident I'll be in 7th heaven.
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