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Originally Posted by Aptmunich
Perhaps the connectors to the harddrive are not aligned properly?
Yeah that's a possibility I guess.
Originally Posted by maz94protege
hold menu and select and reset the entire application.
But resetting DOES NOT delete songs if your worried about that.
I have said in my first post that I have tried to reset it many times.
Originally Posted by RiseAbove24
woah, i would like to know how to open up an ipod, im gonna look through this section a bit and maybe ill find something. but i was curious, what kind of harddrive do they use? and can you just put a new one in?
I wouldn't suggest opening it, I only opened mine because the warranty was finished and I didn't want to send it to Apple and pay the full price to get it fixed.

I'm not exactly sure what kind of hard drive they use but you can get replacement kits and put a new one in yourself.

And if anybody really wants to know...I used a guitar pick to open it. I put it in the crack at the top, slid down the left side and after that it was easy to pull the two parts apart. But just incase you do open it, be really careful when pulling the two parts away from each other cause there is a small cable thing connected from the front to the back.

That's for a 4G iPod...
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