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Originally Posted by fearlessfreap24
there is a thread in here called Keyboard shortcuts. it is stickied to the top.
Why yes, there is. Thank you

as for cycling through the windows, apple + tab will cycle throught the open programs. apple + `(not the single quote but the same key as the tilde) will cycle through program windows. i hope that makes sense
Yes, it does. The apple+tab is the same hand movement as alt+tab in Windows, that's how I discovered it. control+tab didn't do anything.

So far my only switching complaints are the lack of an intuitive and simple way of entering special characters and that The Missing Sync isn't included for free (the latter also doesn't sync e-mail and notes from Entourage to the PPC). Oh, and the fact that Entourage can't import .pst files from Outlook. That's just dumb, seeing how they are essentially the same program, both from Microsoft. Thank you, Microsoft.

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