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I map my F keys to actions using Quicksilver. F1 triggers windowShade, F2 minimizes the current window, F3 sends the currently selected files to my "uploads" directory on my fileserver, F4 sends my web directory up to my production site, F6 moves the currently selected files to ~/Documents, F7-10 Tag files with my commonly used tags and sends up an onscreen reminder of what I tagged them as (since I change these semi-regularly), and finally F11 triggers all maintenance CRON jobs.

(Yes I use a lot of triggers, 60 something last time I counted them.)

EDIT: If you want to type s[ecial characters try the keyboard viewer. Unfortunately the only way I know how to get to it is QuickSilver (I know it is an addiction). Here is what it looks like. First shot is normal, second <alt> pressed.

... OK the screen shots did not work for crap. Create an applescript below and run it. This is the AS that QS uses to present it.

property theApplication : "KeyboardViewerServer"
property thePath : "/System/Library/Components/KeyboardViewer.component/Contents/SharedSupport/"

set HFSPath to ((POSIX file thePath) as string)
tell application "System Events" to 
	set isRunning to 0 < (count (application processes whose name is theApplication))
if isRunning then 
	tell application HFSPath to quit
delay 0.15

ignoring application responses
	tell application HFSPath to run
end ignoring
EDIT2: heh, that is what I get by not reading all responses. The AS above will give you the keyboard viewer mentioned in the post above me.
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