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Originally Posted by JRJ26
i have a similar question. For Colleges/Universities, it says that the discount applies to those accepted or attending to those schools. Well, i've been accepted to Penn State, but I'm waiting until April for my other decisions. So, would I be able to buy a Mac with the discount even though I'm not sure that i want to attend Penn State(b/c it says those accepted)?

The apple store online submits a request to the university that you list on the order to verify that you are in their records. They do check, its just doesnt involve you. (I know this because the registrar called me asking me for verification to give apple to verify the information.) You may be able to get away with it, but it probably would be best to wait until you accept the school's invitation so you are entered into their registrar's database. If it comes back you do not attend the school they charge the difference in retail and student prices to your credit card. I know this as well because I called them after ordering my powerbook and asked them if I needed to fax them my ID and I was told that they check with the university first, then if the university doesnt have you on record, they call and ask for a copy of a valid ID, and if you cant provide that they charge you the difference.
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