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Not to barge in or be a nit-picker, but it's a Mac, not MAC... No acronym involved

Also, in response to this:

Originally Posted by chuckalicious
I guess some people may not like OS X, it's just a personal preference, but for me, it's great. All I do is email, web surfing, music (some Garageband) and playing about with photos, and it's great for that. The more powerful desktops will be faster at everything, and will be able to play games. However, if gaming is your number 1 priority, buy either a console or a PC, Macs don't cut it in the gaming world.
I coulda sworn reading/seeing somewhere, on top of hearing from a friend, that the latest wave of Macs have no problem handling games, if not even outperforming PCs. Maybe I'm wrong, and if so, someone please correct me, as I don't wish to speculate.
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