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I have a 4G 20GB iPod and the one year warranty has passed. I've been having problems with the hard drive in my iPod.

At random times the iPod would just freeze and when I restarted the iPod, sometimes it restarted just fine but there were other times when the sad face icon appeared. When this happened, there usually wasn't any sound coming from the hard drive, as if it was dead. This happened on and off for a couple months; sometimes it would go for a couple weeks without freezing. But eventually, it froze one day and nothing I could do would get it to start working again. I thought the hard drive was dead for sure...

I was about to send it to Apple to get it fixed but I realized it wasn't covered by the one-year warranty anymore and I did not want to pay the out-of-warranty price. So I decided to just open it up for some reason. Before opening it, I tried turning it on, and the sad face popped up. So then I opened it, lifted the hard drive up at one end, turned off the hold switch and it started making the normal spinning noise and the iPod started working again.

That lasted about a week and the freezing started happening again. But whenever the hard drive seems to die, I open the iPod, lift up the hard drive, turn it on and it starts working again...

I have no idea how that works but it has worked every single time.

Can anybody tell me why lifting up the hard drive fixes this problem? And is there possibly a way to permanently fix it so i don't have to open it up all the time?
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