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ok this is going to be kinda long but hopefully you all will be able to follow me....

Ok so i have bought my domain name ( and i have set up the hosting that will be hosted on my computer, so i set up a zone-edit, which is basically a place i can go and update my ip address b/c i dont have a static ip, so i am using this to update the name servers. When i go to my site it shows that the apache has succsefully installed, which is all good and all, and i have turned on personal web sharing so i am able to see this message. Now my trouble is i have created a webpage, and i have saved it under my sites folder on my user name (its the only user name) and i have saved two files one named "index.html" and another "index.htm" on a windows computer this is the default file name that will apear on the web page when it is accessed. Now my issue is the apache page that is showing up says i can replace this now w/ my site. I ever dont know where i am suppose to be putting these files or where i can replace them. I know i have everything set up correctly because i can atleast see my site, and it takes me to that apache site. Someone please help me w/ this!!!!
Thank ya...
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