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As noted don't get the PCI based G4.

Processor upgrades start from about £140 for simple single processor G4 upgrades to around £420 which is what I paid for the dual 1.8; it's not cheap—one of the problems with upgrades based on CPUs that are not produced in the same large volumes like Intel's chips.

They range from 1GHz G4 upgrades with 256KB L2 and 2MB L3 cache, up to 1.4GHz, then newer G4 (so-called 7447A G4s) at 1.6, 1.8 to 2.0GHz with 512KB L2 and no L3, and then dual processors upgrades typically 7447A based G4, with 512KB L2 cache per processor and no L3.

OS X Puma... Ack. That's 10.0; try not to get that, you can get a Power Mac G4 Digital Audio for somewhat under £200, you just have to bide your time and the right one will come along.

Puma - 10.0 (Avoid)
Cheetah - 10.1 (Somewhat better but not amazing)
Jaguar - 10.2 (What 10.0 should have been, bit dated now)
Panther - 10.3 (Now we are talking...)
Tiger - 10.4 (Latest version)

The Rage 128 might support those resolutions but it's hard to say 100% because I have never tried myself. Generally with the correct VGA cable; the card should detect the resolutions the monitor can accept.

I'm certain the GeForce2 MX that a fair few G4s came with can though, in fact I am 99.9% sure.

But as noted, if you get an older Mac that is not 'current' in terms of specs, just think of how it would be using a PC on a PII 400MHz on Windows ME trying to judge how PCs with Windows are Although the PowerMac G4 will be considerably nicer than that!

The uograde the older Power Mac G4 route may not be the cheapest or the most economically sensible, but it's the best way to get an upgradeable Mac for little money, that looks beautiful and can have a lot of potential.

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