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Thanks for all the replies.

I have considered a Mac Mini (an even an iBook G3 or PowerBook Pismo) but they aren't that easy (or cheap) to upgrade compared to a desktop.

I think I like the PowerMac G4 idea. The G4 400MHz with 128mb RAM, 20GB HDD, DVD ROM, ATi Rage 128 Pro AGP 16mb and OSX Puma is just under 200.
Obviously I'll need a monitor aswell (a cheap CRT will probably have to do until I can get a nice TFT). This should be fine for a while for general basic use and to find my way around Mac OS and until I can afford upgrades.

How much is a processor upgrade (approx) and what kinds can you get?

Also, is the ATi Rage Pro capable of running widescreen resolutions? (1280x800 or 1440x900 for example)

Obviously, I need to find a part time job first and earn money, so I won't be buying for a few months, but I like to research first and get advice from experienced users.

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