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kaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nice
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Originally Posted by thadoggfather
Might as well just get an iMac, but that's just my opinion
Yeah, that's actually what I did when the G4 Minis were out, lol. However, it's not too bad comparatively; $1,599 gives you a 17" iMac with 2gb ram and a 1.83ghz Core Duo, while that same amount will give you a Mini with 2gb ram and a 2.0ghz Core Duo. The tradeoff is that you lose the screen and decent graphics card but gain the small size for your desk space. Plus, if you want to use an external monitor, it's nice just to have a box to plug it in instead of having something with a monitor already. I definately don't have desk space for a 17" iMac AND a seperate monitor. You can easily toss a 23" Apple display or 24" Dell LCD on your Mini and still have room on your desk. Plus there's the cool factor, having everything in that tiny little package
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