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Originally Posted by tendonut
OK, that is an option but I am not entirely sure how many slots are available. I was under the impression that they stuck 2 256's in there rather than 1 512 stick. I will check that out (as soon as I turn off my machine)
no, what they do is actually embed the ram into the board so that you cant take it out. okay well thats the partial truth, you COULD take it out, but then you would void your warranty because the metal plate which is under your keyboard, which the integrated ram is under has a seal, you break that seal, there goes your warranty.

if you pop off your keyboard, youll see a panel with 4 screws holding it down, THATS where your extra ram goes. just make sure you get exactly the right size of screwdriver. i remember when i added to mine, getting the stupid panel off was the hardest part. the screws are made out of some kind of cheap metal, and i **** near stripped 2 screws, even where i had the right size.
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