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Just recently, I have started to notice some strange memory usage activities. At bootup, my system uses about 200MB of physical memory (Out of an available 512MB). Even this, seems to be rather high. I am looking at my total memory usage and what it is being used on, and about 30MB is being used in Widgets. Whatever, I am fine with that. But what I have noticed, is over a very short period of time, my available free memory seems to slowly decrease, even though no apps are open (Yes, I know how to PROPERLY close apps.) And when I look at the memory usage again after say, 20 minutes, I see that the same basic stuff is using the same amount of memory as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary, except now I am using 40% more memory (Marked as Inactive mostly) than I was when I initially booted the machine. Where is this memory being used? I have nothing else running besides the basic boot-time processes. Even if I were to physically add up the total amount of memory being tied up at that very moment, it still adds up to about 200MB (Normal), yet it displays my total free memory at about 30MB. This is very strange, and I don't remember this problem when I bought the machine back in June. Any ideas?
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