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Sent my powerbook in 2 weeks ago for ghostly white spots issue on the screen. It was back 2 days later with a new screen. I was very impressed with the screen in the first place....I had never had any other problems and the white spots didn't bother me that much, but i figured i'd get it fixed anyway. I was also impressed with how fast they got it back to me. So i get it back and immediately notice a dead pixel in the middle of the screen. not a big deal, but it's kinda hard NOT to notice. it's now a week later, and I have 4 dead pixels. all scattered around the screen. i called apple, and was very nice with them, but as i thought....the screen will not be replaced. they made a record of my call and said if it gets much worse it might be replaced. so basically i exchanged a kinda sketchy screen for another kinda sketchy screen.

the point of this story: i'm not sure. just thought i'd let people know if they are thinking about buying a powerbook, that there are issues with the screen. it kinda sucks.

However, it's well worth the other benefits of owning a powerbook. This is the best comp. i have owned regardless of the inconsistency of the screen. I wonder if the problem with ones currently being sold is fixed, or if the 12 inch is any better.
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