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Originally Posted by tidel
Hey all,

I have an ibook G4 12".
I had to replace my DC-in board, and after I did, the screen just displayed a folder icon in the center flashing that mac face logo and a question mark. I tried installing Mac OSX again, and there was no hard drive destination to install it to.
I know I performed the replacement perfectly and damaged absolulely nothing. Could there be something wrong with the placement of the bottom shield?

thanks in advance.

take care. - tidel.
Amzing! I smashed the laptop against the wall a few times and it started working!


alright really...I opened it up again, and noticed that I never snapped the Harddrive IDE ribbon cable back on.

and thus a working, charging, sleeping laptop...

yay! and now I live in constant technical euphoria.

take care all. thanks for looking. -tidel.
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