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Originally Posted by Echo_
really the g4 was a really crappy proc
the pentium m blows it away
The G4 is a "crappy processor" just like the Pentium III was a "crappy processor." The only thing "crappy" about it is that it is now outdated by a newer and faster processor, and it's still perfectly good for an everyday user without intense processor needs.

As for the original poster, please say a little more about "Powerbooks don't do it for me." You are aware that the Macbook Pro is, for all intents and purposes, a Powerbook with a faster chip in it? If the Powerbook doesn't "do it for you," then the MacBook Pro won't either.

The MacBook Pro is designed for the customer who, in the past, would have gone for a Powerbook but is open and receptive to a machine with more power on high-end applications. If you don't plan to intensively use Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, etc., then you should be looking at the iBook or waiting to see what the new non-professional cousin of the MacBook Pro will look like when it's released sometime in the next few months.

There's no telling exactly when that non-professional MacBook Pro cousin will be out, and there's no telling what it will look like. But it will certainly be cheaper than the MacBook Pro and it may be all you need.

As for when games like The Sims 2 will catch up to Universal Binary, who knows. The honest answer is that you're taking a risk--nobody can be sure when the transition will be complete. If you are a serious gamer--meaning that you enjoy picking up the latest and greatest PC games--you should probably re-think joining the Mac folks. I'm a Powerbook user myself and have never looked back, but Macs are just not gaming machines (not even the MacBook Pro.)
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