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Hello. Im starting my 6th Form/Senior Art Project and needsome guidance. My theme is 'Gothic' and I have chosen to re-design a DVD cover, possibly for 'The House of Wax' - or something in that genre. I have a few designs on paper, but now I am lost on how to recreate these on my Mac for that 'digital' look. I have used Photoshop CS2 for quite a while to manipulate images from the web, or from my Camera - but I don't know how to start from scratch to 'build' an image, on Photoshop... or if its even Photoshop I should be using? I would appreciate anyones help on the above ASAP as I have about a week to get the design from paper and complete a 'digital' version that I can print out.

Basically I need to know:

1.What Application I need to create an image/graphic from scratch

2. If its Photoshop I can use (Already installed); what steps do I take to create the 'Photoshopped' / 'Studio' look - like on the movie posters - glossy, relativley high graphics.

Thanks very much (In advance!)
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