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Originally Posted by Armenante
Hi people i am new to this forum and new to all things mac and well i am thinking of buying a mac book pro for genral use, typing stuff, msn, and just surfing the web. It is also a lot of money and i was just wondering if getting one would be a good use of my money and do you think that this is a good piece of hardware for a first time mac user?
Here is something to consider. When I purchased my iMac, I was in the same boat as you. Didn't really do much, e-mail, IM, Web, Quicken and basically just wanted something new and Apple fit the bill better than IBM/Dell/Gateway. Going back and forth between a Mini and an loaded 20" iMac, and decided on the iMac just for future growth. After purchasing my iMac and using the iLife software, my demands on the system have increased 100 fold. Creating Screen Shows with my pictures, exporting to iDVD, Creating/Rendering DVD's basically going nuts with the iLife Suite of applications. And I am so happy I paid for the additional capacity.

If it were my money, I would get the MacBook Pro and not look back. That's just me though, you spend it on what you want

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