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True, Apple was still kind of low the the time, but this movie was released in 1999, and Apple was doing some great business with the iMac, but that shadowed in comparison to how Microsoft ruled the world of PCs with Windows 98. I am glad to see Apple being as strong as it is now.

Would you say Apple is the strongest now that it's ever been? I see Apple ads on TV more frequently, more coverage of Apple on national news, more magazine articles, more people talking about Apple, and iPods are everywhere! I think Apple may well be the strongest it's ever been. And right now, the sky is the limit!

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You have to keep in mind that the movie was made at the apex of Microsoft's success and Apple's lowest point. They wanted to dramatize the fat cats of the new millenium. At the time, it looked like it was going to be Gates. Gates, Ballmer, and Jobs have all changed since the 80s. It's a great movie, but taking it as an absolute primer for how the men are would be unfair.