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Originally Posted by apple_power
Dont forget that it comes with a dvd burner standard and the graphics card you will aprreciate also.

Other plus points it is slick, and tiny in comparison also the sound is a lot bettter then the tinny speakers on the 14" ibook.
Dont forget that you can also span to another screen, and you can leave the lid closed and it will still run, good if you downloading or uploading.

I would reccomend an iskin keyboard cover as that will protect your laptop.
Build quality is a lot better teh ibbok just craeks and the dmmaed battery in all my ibbos 12" and 14" do not sit flush. look around the edge of the ibooka nd see if it is awell fit. Or if teh plastic bends and is well put together? I have 6 ibooks and they are prett similar. All my powerbooks are well put together. You pay for what you get it is as simple as that.
How would that work if I hooked the PB up to a 17" CRT that I have?
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