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Originally Posted by DigitalN.
Im gonna have to disagree, I made a huge, terrible decision buying the iBook 14" over the Powerbook. the closed lid mode, the panning without a hack, and all that stuff.
I have got both machines and rarrly use the ibook. If you spend money on your computer and cant look after it whose faults taht?


which powerbook are you reffering to? and which 14?

powerbook stylish
better graphics
can extend desktop
faster procesor
faster bus speed
great keyboard
get choice of faster hardrive
can have dvd burner built in
also sceen is a load better then 14" period

14" robust
good wifi reception
good battery
screen is dull
no extra resolurion
characters are slighty blurred
also awkward size
Keyboard is pants
battery is about 30 mins more thn my 12" powerbook

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