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Originally Posted by hokiethang
OS X.3 has built in faxing. It supports the Bluetooth modem as well so that should solve your problems. You would just print the document you want to fax to the fax software. If you open the print menu you should see a fax button that will allow you to fax out from your powerbook.
I'm also have a 12" PB with Panther and I've tried the fax option through the print menu using my Ericsson T60 as the Bluetooth Fax. It attempts to connect for about 2 seconds, stops, and then puts the fax on hold, just to have the phone drop the connection again in 5 minutes. :confused: I've heard of others having the same problem with different phones, so I don't know if this is a problem with Panther Fax or my phone. Have you actually gotten this to work using a Bluetooth phone?
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