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Hi all,

Sorry for the long post, thought I'd at least explain what I've tried so far and hope you Mac/wireless experts can offer me some good advice...

I decided the Mac Mini was the perfect/quiet/small size to use in the living room as a media centre for my Plasma TV.

Apart from surfing, my main requirement is to watch downloaded US tv episodes etc... I usually download all these to my PC and I've got them in a shared folder which I can access on the Mac Mini.

So far, whether it is a 700mb Xvid or (more extreme?) Video_TS folder on my PC's hard drive if I try to play them on the Mac with VLC Media Player I get the video/sound freezing briefly every 5-10 seconds, not really watchable.

My PC *was* wired to a Belkin WirelessG Highspeed Router, after looking at firmware issues I noticed that this model has a lot of "packet loss" issues reported and while it's never been an issue for my 2 wired PCs or wireless PocketPC something is causing this freezing issue to the Mac.

Note that I tried copying one of the 700mb Xvid files across to the Mac and it froze while 10% through copying, it actually needed a reboot of the Mac!
Transferring LARGE files wirelessly I know can also be a problem with many routers/firmware...

My friend has a Belkin Pre-N router and his streaming to his Mac Mini appears much smoother even though I possibly have a better signal strength to my Mac.

So, as my Belkin router is the older v1000 hardware I decided it was worthwhile getting a newer model... staying away from the ghastly unstable v5 firmware Linksys I got a Linksys WRT54GS v4 firmware model yesterday which comes with 1.05.03 firmware on it...

Tried streaming a movie to the Mac again, I've got slightly less freezing but it still does it way too often to be watchable.

I've now tried copying a large 700mb file across and that now works okay with the Linksys

So my question is... is anyone else streaming video to their mac wirelessly? is it smooth? what suggestions has anyone got so I can achieve my dream? Smile
Is it even possible to stream this stuff smoothly through the airwaves???

Thanks in advance to you all.

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